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When you start a band the thrill is to create a true sound, hoping to bring something new to the table, while you are combining all of your artistic energy you can feel when the pieces fit. With Pseudocidal, it came together many years after we had long forgotten the dream. Jeff and Kevin rediscovered the power of writing and performing metal in 2010, and that energy brought Anthony (drums) and Jay Thomas (bass) into the fold. With everyone's influences combined and solidified, we recorded our EP, Roots Run Deep! We were all thrilled that it got traction and even made a number of 2013 Best Of lists.

When we played live, we delivered every time. Then life threw us a curve ball when Jeff moved to Texas. So we decided to continue to file share and see what would come of it. Jeff actually had sent this kick ass mash up of Sabbath's Children of the Grave with White Zombie's Thunderkiss blended together. Shortly after that, he sent the skeleton of a new song he wrote which had a droney intro and a serious chug'n groove (obviously pulling from those above noted influences). It stuck in our heads cause it had that hook that Pseudocidal always guns for. As we listened to it, the guitar had that repressed sound, like it was drowning, but trying so hard to survive. Then the title hit, Dislodge! As you listen to the lyrics, we're sure you'll relate, as we all get caught in the undertow from time to time.

Jay Thomas gave the song his approval but was unable to participate in the writing/recording this time. Pseudocidal invited multi-instrumentalist Ozzie Suarez to play bass on this one. We recorded at our home base, Stay Tuned Studios in Jacksonville and Don Ringhofer was kind enough to do all of the recording, engineering and production on the song. As we listened to some of the first rough mixes, Ozzie had some lead ideas, and for the first time Pseudocidal has rhythm and lead guitar tracks on a song.

So now we launch what may be Pseudocidal's last song - DISLODGE! If you all support this one and share with the masses, we'd love to hit the studio and record another EP. So spread the Pseudocidal word far and wide!

Cheers, and long live METAL!


Been trying to pry lose
Lost track of the truth
Been down too damn long
Another line won't pick me up
Dead end, land locked, boat sunk at the dry dock
Drug out, tsunami slammed
Called to the surface, Only to get laid off again
Climbed the heights, took on those sights, but this trail of wrongs crushed my will

This place found me, Dislodge
Fractured neon vacancy, Dislodge
My well being's so unclean, Dislodge
Bankrupted my scene, Dislodge

I touch but cannot feel
Infected wound just won't heal
Neuropathy tiding
Sensory depriving
Who can tie these loose ends
This pierced soul needs to mend
Therapist preacher and MD

This place found me, Dislodge
Fractured neon vacancy, Dislodge
My well being's so unclean, Dislodge
Bankrupted my scene, Dislodge


What the Hell? Is this surviving
Force fed, social bribing
Now I can see through the facade
guilt shed, begin the thriving
Unveil the arriving

This place found me, Dislodge
Mainlined resiliency, Dislodge
War torn, but too strong to DIE, Dislodge
Now hear this battle CRY!


released June 22, 2015
Dislodge was written and performed by Pseudocidal. Don Ringhofer (Stay Tuned Studios Jacksonville) recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the song.



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Pseudocidal Jacksonville, Florida

Pseudocidal is a roots metal band. We burn pure and propel the masses to rebel, dissent and get turbulent in the pit!

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